Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, OH MY! I have not written for this blog in quite some time. Navigating grief is hard enough. But trying to navigate the social media world to get the word out about Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters For Grieving Children Like You can be very daunting. So, who in their right mind would try?!  

Wanting to put my experience as a psychotherapist, family member of a loved one who took his own life, cancer survivor, divorced single-parent, and all around Queen of Resilience to the test, I decided to become an author. A self-published one at that. I think I need medication. I am officially diagnosing myself as looney toons. An aging looney toon who is having to learn about social media.

Anyone who has lost a loved one can tell you, losing your mind while grieving is pretty easy. Whether it is the foggy brain, the shock, the anguish, the daily exhaustion, the anger, the fear, the longing - it all twists what you knew to be real into an unrecognizable mish mosh that makes absolutely no sense. The worst part is, it never really ends. But we want it to. 

While coping with my own grief and being able to understand it from both a personal and professional perspective, I wanted to reach out to and help more families than I was able to help in my office. There are grieving children and families across the nation, not getting support, not knowing what to do to cope more effectively. I was filled with motivation and determination. My creativity surged. Loss was not going to kill me, subdue me, defeat me, although many times giving up seemed like it was the best and healthiest option.

Perseverance, commitment, hard work, and patience. Lessons to learn no matter what hurdle we have to face. They get us through the daily grind of grief, the unchartered territory of the unknown, one step, one day at a time. Today, I accept the challenge of patience. I renew my commitment to it regularly, knowing how powerful it can be in navigating my grief. I sure can use it in navigating social media.

And when we lose perspective, because of how hard life can be, I wanted to share this link so you can hear Jennifer Hudson - whose mother and brother were murdered - sing "I'm Here". It reminds me to remember to love who I am, to stand tall without my loved ones, to know I am here for a reason, and to continue on with my purpose that still needs to be fulfilled.

Sharon Diaz LPC, LADC: Helping People. Changing Lives. Sharon is the author of Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters For Grieving Children Like You, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Shelton, Connecticut.


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