• A series of 12 interactive e-books that provide an in-depth guide for children and their families to cope with the loss of a loved one.
  • Six songs by renowned composer David Friedman who has written songs for Disney, Diana Ross, and many others. He is a feature on The Today Show segment "Everyone Has a Story".
  • Downloadable PDF versions of each of the 12 letters
  • Links and personal passwords to open each letter in the comfort of home
  • Reassurance that you are helping a child to move along, step by step, as they learn to identify and express their feelings and thoughts, and feel less alone with their grief
  • Links to videos, numerous Roo-Tivities with each of the 12 Roo-Letters to engage a child and to teach life long coping skills
  • The opportunity to interact with Melodee Roo The Tree Kangaroo by writing their own letters or sending videos! 





I have provided a fund for Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters For Grieving Children Like You, to give away one free series to a deserving family who is unable to afford to buy it. In addition, for every 10 purchased, one free series will go to a needy family. Please purchase and spread the word. Families who would like to enter the drawing for the free program of the series of 12 Roo-Letters can write a paragraph about why they think their child should receive the free subscription at You can also nominate a child that you know outside of your family and/or contribute to the fund. Together, we can help one heart at a time.