Children and Funerals



Should I or Shouldn't I?…

When you're wondering if you should include your children in the mourning process with the funeral and burial rituals, I am of the opinion that it is an important part of healing.


  1. It normalizes that death is a part of life for the entire family. As difficult as it is, it is a beginning step in learning how to be resilient.
  2. It gives a child the opportunity to ask questions that you may not even think they have. 
  3. By participating in these rituals it provides a context for their memories, making them concrete and real, instead of what they may create in their imagination.
  4. Children will see that others are sad and that it's okay to show it.
  5. I brought my two daughters who were 8 and 10 years old to their grandfather's funeral - the first time they had to face the death of a loved one. I believe it set the stage for them to know that acceptance of death helps us to not be so afraid of it. We all have to learn how to cope with death, no matter the age.