Listening, Hearing, Seeing, Touching, Doing


Melodee Roo's online letters help a child to cope by incorporating all styles of learning.

  • They can read the stories and see the great illustrations, designed by Donald Wu, a highly regarded children's illustrator.
  • They can be soothed and reassured by hearing the comforting songs, sung by Sara Vincent, a mother and para-professional to special needs students.
  • And in the comfort of home, while reading or being read to, they can be held by a loving family member or snuggle in a soft, Roo-blanket
  • Either together as a family, or alone, a child can do the Roo-Tivities helping them to express their thoughts and feelings all along the way. 

Above all, the healing power of friendship between Melodee Roo and The Wantoks Too! and your child, will show that love soothes heartache and helps to build resilience as they move together through life's hardest experience.