I'm Your Healing Melodee: Songs Of Comfort For Grief(Click Here)


I'm Your Healing Melodee: Songs Of Comfort For Grief(Click Here)


Each song has been carefully selected to help comfort a child and their family through loss. David Friedman's loving lyrics touch our hearts and speak to our souls. Sara Vincent's beautiful voice brings soothing reassurance to a sad heart. You can purchase these songs separately from the grief program to download to your device.

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Melodee Roo is here to be your friend. In I'm Your Healing Melodee she reassures you that she will never go away.

Melodee knows that you're feeling sad. Of course you are. It's Not Bad To Be Sad, helps you to accept your feelings because feelings are for healing.

When Melodee sings I Can Hold You, she reminds you that she understands and will always be there, to love you, to listen, to care. If it takes one hundred years, she will be there.

Melodee sings about what can make things better in, We Can Be Kind. When we are here for each other, together we can weather whatever tomorrow may bring.

If you have night-time fears, A Different Light can soothe them away. Fear turns to relief, joy replaces grief, doubt becomes belief in a different light.

Bamahoota reassures our dear friends that love is with you till the end.

Reprise of I'm Your Healing Melodee reminds you that the one you're missing loves you so. And one thing always will be true, they'll always be right here with you. They'll always love you, just like me, Love Always, Melodee.

(Purchase of I'm Your Healing Melodee mp3's goes toward the fund to provide a needy family with a free subscription to Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters For Grieving Children Like You. Thank you for your support.)