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  .. Our August 2016 Healing Ways feature article by Connecticut psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist, Sharon Diaz. No One Talks About It: Children and Grief.

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Interview with journalist/writer Angela Pascopella as seen in both the New Haven and Fairfield County February 2017 editions. Make America Hope Again. Page 72.  


Father grateful for donation of interactive digital program to help his family cope with devastating loss.


Jeanne E. Rogers, Award Winning Author

I met author, Sharon Diaz, a few years back, and I was impressed by her passion to help youngsters understand and overcome feelings of loss and grief. For adults, it is difficult enough to deal with the loss of a loved one. However, children, by their mere innocence, have a difficult time comprehending the complex emotions they and their family experience and may try to cope with after losing someone they have loved and cherished.

Sharon’s work, Melodee Roo and the Wantoks Too, Letters for Grieving Children Like You, is not a simple book for children, although at first blush it may appear to be so. I absolutely love what I see. The series of 12 interactive e-books, the cover, the interior, everything about this. It is a tool with which both parents and professionals can begin to help youngsters understand and confront the unusual emotions they face after a death of a friend or family member. Through the power of animal characters, songs and activities, Melodee Roo and the Wantoks Too, Letters for Grieving Children Like You will help a child to open up and share what’s in their hearts and minds, and help them begin to heal.

Some authors produce a work that entertains, others produce a work that educates and enlightens, and there are those with a passion to help. Sharon Diaz is an author, and professional who exudes that passion beautifully in Melodee Roo and the Wantoks Too, Letters for Grieving Children Like You.