Melodee develops a relationship with your son and daughter as a friend, and one who knows what it's like to travel through the ups and downs of loss. 

"Sharon Diaz LPC, LADC has used her professional expertise and writing abilities to create a wonderful tool to help children through the grieving process. Her warmth, compassion, and child-friendly approach allows children and families to move along, step by step, as they express their feelings, gain insights, and feel less alone with their grief. Children can identify with this fictional character and her friends in the rainforest as they encourage each other and move forward to find love, mutual support, and joy in spite of the losses that are a part of our life experience."

Victoria Sherrrow, Children's Author 


As a parent or guardian, when you are exhausted from jam-packed days on top of your own grief, it's hard to go to weekly counseling, or find the right grief group for your children, or spend long hours driving to a grief camp for a weekend. Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters For Grieving Children Like You, makes your life a little easier during the worst time of your life, by bringing you help right in the comfort of home.